identity, Nehemiah

Identity theft.

We are doing a book club tonight using the amazing book REIGNITE by Ian Parkinson, its a great book talking about turning around and restoring Churches using Nehemiah as a bit of a base for his book.

Yet at the heart of his early chapters is about Church rediscovering its Identity:-  We are the bride, the body, and outpost of heaven…
Yet I believe we will never understand our Identity as Church until before that we discover our identity as sons and daughters of God:- We are his heirs, beloved, precious, empowered, equipped, trusted…
The problem is we often nod through this intellectually but not let this captivate us and shape our view of either ourselves or who we are as the Church.
We often don’t celebrate our identity or have confidence in who were are and who we were made to be for so many reasons, one of the most fatal is that of the practice of comparisons, where we look at everyone else to the detriment of who we are.
One writer remarked that “Comparison is the thief of joy”.
Yet from our Identity often flows our outworking of our life and what we think our purpose is, if Satan can sabotage the Churches identity or the Identity of a Christ follower, he can not only rob us of our fruitfulness but also our joy and peace.
If Christ’s bride does not know who she is, then she will not radiate the beauty that she has.
If Christ’s body does not know who it is, then it won’t know where to go or what to do.
How can an ambassador be an ambassador unless they know the state they are representing?
How can we be an outpost of heaven, if we just resemble our surroundings?
How does the Christian cope with all the world disorientation without our anchoring Identity on who we are?
So let us close this time together with some wonderful words from 1 John.
“See how the Father has lavished his love upon us that we might be called the children of God, because that beloved is who we are.