Sabbath / Rest, Self Care, Temptation

Putting on your Oxygen Mask.

I was on a course about a year ago, which talked about athletes, and to get the best from themselves they train, perform and then have ‘intentional recovery’.

In order to go further, faster and better we need to not be constantly flat out, but rather a pattern of Sprint and Recovery to maximize our performance. Corporate language we don’t use much  in Church, or language we don’t use in Church in todays modern culture…  
I am exploring a lot at the moment about new monasticism, thinking about rhythms of life, as long to be the most productive I can for the Kingdom of God and faithfully fulfill my calling as a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a friend and the privilege of leading God’s people in God’s mission.

Mark spoke a while back about maximum weariness for minimum effectiveness, none of us want to be think this, when Jesus talks about coming to him all who were heavy laden and being refreshed and taking on a different yoke that wasn’t brutal and oppressive this was good news, this was a theology of liberation and freedom, yet we have turned it back to slavery and oppression.

Andy Schuman (wonderful Godly vicar in Stockwood) challenged his congregation to do something intentionally nice for themselves in that coming week…

The reaction was amazing, although it really blessed some people, others felt guilty or they were being self indulgent… I

 Wonder if anyone has ever thought that maybe the command to ‘love your neighbour as yourself could cut both ways?’

When I worked in rehab, people talked of HALT:

These HALT times are the times most likely to relapse, but too many of us spend this as our default position. (Although interestingly those most likely to ignore this are those who probably need it most, and probably sadly works a bit the other way too).

Maybe we could learn a new way of living, maybe something much more beautiful, blessed and attractive to the world outside…

Lets look at our lives this lent and have the courage to look after ourselves properly so we can in turn be a blessing to those around us.

I’ll end with the picture of the air mask falling from the plane, what is the first thing we are told to do? Secure your own mask first and then help others, to often most of us try helping others without ever paying attention to our own oxygen masks…