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Sharing your Jigsaw Pieces.

I ended up have a coffee with my friend Mark Rich this evening, both of us have only kids and we talking about the challenge of getting kids to share.

I remember my daughter used to say very defiantly “I don’t like sharing!” Quite profound actually, as actually although we might not say it, we as human beings don’t always find sharing very easy.

Yet, as an episode of Woolly and Tig once said “in sharing our toys can become more fun”, imagine how much more fun a football is if you play with someone else rather than just kicking it around on your own?

Sharing is the antidote to the selfishness of this world.

I remember seeing parents dealing with arguments and trying to keep their kids happy splitting toys up, you’ve got a toy car and you’ve got a toy car, now¬†everyone’s happy.

Yet, this doesn’t work with all toys.

I remember seeing a parent dealing with two squabbling kids and they were fighting over a jigsaw puzzle, the mum stepped in and gave one child 5 bits and 5 bits to the other child (it was a basic 10 piece puzzle). This was somewhat futile, as unless the kids shared their pieces the jigsaw puzzle couldn’t be completed. They might be able to put together the odd bit, but the beautiful whole that it had the potential to be wasn’t possible.

I thought this is actually a bit of a picture of the Church in the U.K, in many ways God has given his children plenty of wonderful gifts and resources, and yet they are distributed amongst the various local Churches, only when we work together we can see the full beauty of God’s picture, rather than scrabbling around piecing together our own scraps.

What has God given you? We all have wonderful things that make a beautiful contribution to the whole, but yet when we fail to utilize these faithful, we deplete the body of Christ.

When we just keep our gifting to the small limited group, again we deplete the whole.

So, a challenge for us all as we think of being fruitful for the Kingdom of God, this means being generous with the gifts and resources, let us share with extravagance, giving beyond our own fellowships, reaching beyond our comfort zones.