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Perception Shift…

(Notes from the Morning session at New Wine, from a talk by Danielle Strickland)

The image of God imprinted on humanity beautiful potential, the danger is many of us have grown up with a theology of our badness, where we start with human depravity in Genesis 3, although it is undoubtedly true that the human condition is broken, yet we need to remember the story doesn’t start there. We need to start the story with the sacredness of life. The story starts with creation, and a creation of humanity in Gods image, be breathes his life into us.

God says something first before depravity can speak.
God speaks a word of beauty over your life.

Freedom needs to start from the inside of us, as we can rescue people put them in a safe place with new stuff yet unless something changes within the core of our humanity this remains just a cosmetic change.

The perspective shift.

The from Danielle Strickland putting her child to bed.
Putting a child to bed:-
“Who made you?”
“God made me”
“How did God make you”
“He made me good”.

What the word the society says is a distortion, an untrue word, we need to tune into the voice of

How you see yourself really matters.
It is an infectious word, a world that can speak louder than a prevailing and dominant culture.
God speaks a deeper word, a word which Is actually knitted deep within us.

Moses has become so assimilated with the culture he is described by his future wife at the waterhole as an Egyption, yet when God speaks he hears Gods voice and returns to Gods first identity of the Israelities, returning as a shepherd.

Repentance means not just to say sorry, but a new perspective, to see things different, in fact to see ourselves differently.

Do we see people with the world’s eyes? Or the eyes of Chrust.

Moses confronted Pharoah not as Egyptian had dressed him as, but as he truly was as an Israelite, a shepherd (as Joseph’s family were 300 years earlier,a return back to the beginning, the original story)

We need to see ourselves differently, and then see other people differently., the way God sees us and the way God sees them.

But God doesn’t see us as a them and us.
God doesn’t see people as the other.

The oppressor wants to divide us from one another but yet God wants to unite us with Ibe another.

For you to participate in oppressive behaviour you must believe lies and distortion, remember that Satan is a liar, the Father of Lies.

Let’s tune out the distorted oppressive lies over ourselves, over others and even of God.

Have we distorted our image of him?

What needs to change for us today?