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Church is not meant to be safe…

Yesterday at All Souls Southey Park we had a awesome sermon by our friend Rev. Jackie Davies, who spoke about the danger of Churches becoming an enclosed sheep pen, church is safe and it never was meant to be safe…

A call to be fruitful, a call to go where God is calling us to go, a reminder we might be the only christian who comes into contact with many of our friends, neighbours and colleagues, possibly we might be the only person praying for them.

Yet she went onto say how we so often are caught up in so much stuff that binds us up, what Mark Rich used to call maximum weariness for minimum fruitfulness, both echoed that verse of “I only do what I see my father in heaven doing”, are we kept from fruitfulness because we are doing things that God isn’t asking us to do but we feel we ought to be doing whether through misplaced duty, guilt, need to be needed (or whatever)… I remember praying at the end of the meeting that God would set people free and used the phrase “let it go” -sounding like the princess from frozen! Yet, maybe we are being called, for such a time as thing, to lay down the good in order to pick up the great.

Maybe God is wanting to rescue us from those situations which aren’t going to move (or at least move yet) and wanting us to be free a thrive where he had called us?

Alongside this was challenged once again at Wildfire about being where God has placed us, the call is to build the Kingdom not prop up an churchy shaped institution, reminded that 37 out of the 39 miracles in scripture happened not in the temple, but on the streets where ordinary life happened.

A challenge that we often big up difficulties of the situation where God has placed us, whether it is out Church, home or work place rather than bigging up the size of the God we serve.

And lastly at wildfire there was some pregnancy images, always get worried about pregnancy images in Churches as know how raw these can be when people are going through the difficulties of life, but the idea that new things, new dreams, new stuff was ‘coming to birth’ was an exciting one.

Where has God placed you?
What is he calling you to do? Is there stuff he is calling you to lay down, in order to pick up something better?
Are we placing our faith in the toughness of our situation or the power of God to break through?
Do we believe we can be fruitful?
What is the new thing God might be bringing to birth through you?