Cross, Kingswood

My Kingswood.

I live and work in a place called Kingswood.

I’m a Vicar here.

The name “Kingswood” sometimes makes people think…

I’ve heard people talk and pray around this and have heard people say about “Kingswood” bring “The Kings Wood”, as in an area belonging to the King, and the Kings is Jesus.
Alongside words about the Kingswood or ‘the Kings Wood’ I’ve heard people talk about Psalm 1, with the idea of Christians being people who are fruitful and obedient with their roots drawing downing into the river.
I’ve also heard people talk about “Oaks of Righteousness” (Is. 61), this particular passage has been deeply significant for us who have been praying into Kingswood for a long time.
Yet my friend Jackie heard someone else talk about “The Kings Wood” and she described the ‘Wood of the King’ for the Christian is actually the Cross  of Christ… Our Kings Wood, is the cross on which he died for us.
One of the websites that tries to connect people with what is happening in Kingswood is called yet ultimately we connected by the King who reigns on high and yet stooped down low to suffer and die for us.
So every time we think of what the call of Christ is and what he is saying for this area we have the reminder that Christ died for the people of this area (as well as the whole world), lets embrace the cross of Christ, his death and resurrection.
His cross which shows us how to minister to this area, a call of sacrifice, surrender and service, it’s ultimate about love and dying to self.
The true King of Kingswood died for his people on the cross of execution.